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2019 Grant Winners

This year’s winning grants are:

Walberta Park Elementary School:

  • Bricks 4 Kidz (First and second grade teams)

Bricks 4 Kidz will supplement the STEM curriculum using physics and space modules. The students will learn science, technology, engineering and math concepts along with problem-solving and team-building skills through creative play with Legos.

  • It’s the Little Things (WPS Principal Beth Kramer)

This program will be presented by musician John Farrell to support the Positivity Project with songs that focus on character building and character strengths.

  • Bluebird Music Together (Beth Kramer)

Bluebird Music Together will bring accomplished musicians into all Walberta Park classrooms to conduct a rhythm class incorporating music, movement and instruments. 

  • Playground Communication Station (WPS speech pathologist Monica Willsey)

This grant will fund construction of a weather-resistant communication board on the WPS playground. It includes universal communication symbols to help nonverbal or anxious students, or any other students having difficulty communicating their needs.

  • The Wild (Beth Kramer)

The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango will bring live animals to all students at Walberta to conduct class presentations offering hands-on experience and interaction with wildlife. 

Cherry Road Elementary School: 

  • Dancin’ with the Honeybees (Second grade teacher Julie Dennis)

Cliff Wright-Sunflower, master beekeeper, environmental educator, story-teller and performer, will bring the scientific magic of the honeybee hive to life for second grade students. He will visit the school for an assembly and several workshops.

Onondaga Hill Middle School:

  • Insights and Inspirations (Joint project between the library, art and English departments) 

The middle school will host Jennifer A. Nielsen, author of a number of popular books for teens, including the “Ascendance” trilogy. In addition to building-wide activities that include reading and writing seminars and an art project, this year’s event will also include dinner with the author for a select few students at the Onondaga Free Public Library. 

  • P2 Mural (Art teacher Maggie Feyerabend)

 All fifth-grade students will design and create a ceramic mural demonstrating the 24 character traits of the Positivity Project. The mural will remain on permanent display.

  • Passport to the Impossible (Sixth-grade teacher Karla Prince)

Through the use of virtual reality equipment, students in all grades will have the opportunity to explore different parts of the world, using the Google Expeditions ap.

Cherry Road School, Onondaga Hill Middle School and Westhill High School:

  • Westhill Day of Jazz (Music teachers Elizabeth Buell, Corey Riley and Erin Tapia)

Continuing one of our most successful programs, this year the “Day of Jazz” will welcome Huntertones, a world-class Brooklyn-based jazz and funk fusion band that will spend the day with our students. The day includes performances for students in grades 2 through 8 and then break-out master class sessions for all jazz students in grades 7 through 12. The event will be capped off by the 42nd annual Westhill Senior Citizens Dinner and Concert, which features numbers by the various Westhill jazz bands and a final set performed by Huntertones.

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