Grant Application Process

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Grant Criteria

The Westhill Central School District Educational Foundation awards grants to teachers for innovative projects that encourage creative teaching methods. Grants may be awarded for experiential learning and/or expanding students’ understanding of the curriculum. The purpose of the Foundation’s grant program is to enrich student learning and enhance the instructional programming in our schools.

When submitting a grant application for consideration, it should meet one or more of the following Foundation criteria:
  • Serve as an opportunity for enrichment that cannot be funded through the normal school budget
  • Offer the possibility of continued impact for more than one year
  • Offer expanded opportunities for application in other curricula and use by other educators
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches or methodologies
  • Anticipate, encourage, or reflect the expanded use of technology
  • Impact as large a number of students as possible
  • Encourage partnership with other funding sources
  • Is consistent with the Westhill Schools’ curriculum and NY State Standards
  • Serve as an effective pilot for possible future programs
The Foundation cannot approve funding for:
  • Faculty/staff salaries and benefits
  • Support of sports teams and equipment
  • General capital improvements
  • Building and grounds operations and maintenance
  • Ongoing transportation expenses
  • Routine purchases of equipment and supplies
  • Administrative and clerical support

How to Apply

The Westhill Foundation will accept and review for consideration grants that meet the following criteria:

Innovative Instructional Grants:

to be awarded to an individual staff member, or group of educators for creative educational projects and programs.

Partnership Grants:

to be awarded for collaboration with more than one school or an appropriate external partner.

Sample Grant Ideas
Grant Application
Grant Evaluation Form
2017-2018 Grants Release
Submit a Grant


  1. Only persons directly connected with Westhill School District may apply for an Education Foundation grant.
  2. Applications must be submitted on the provided form and should include a detailed description of the budget.
  3. All applications should be submitted by the deadline as posted on the Foundation’s website.
  4. The Foundation will not fund purchases made prior to the grant’s approval.
  5. Grant applications will be reviewed by the Grant Award’s Committee and presented to the Foundation’s Board for final approval.
  6. A Final Grant Report/Evaluation must be completed and submitted upon project completion.

*Additional guidelines may emerge as the foundation grows.
*Sponsored grants for a specific focus area may be offered and may have alternate guidelines.

All grant applications should be submitted to your building principal. Grants applications will be forwarded to the appropriate district office administrator and will be awarded by the Westhill Educational Foundation board of directors.
Grants will be equitably distributed throughout the K-12 Westhill school community.

Questions about the grant process?

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