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2019-2020 Grant Period

Grants are awarded annually based on an application process.Grant applications can be submitted through the fall until early October. A grants committee reviews and scores applications, makes a recommendation to the Board at the November meeting for approval and announcements are made in early December. Teachers are encouraged to reach out to the Foundation Board with questions, consult previous grant winners and review previous winning grants as needed.

Featured Grant: Symphoria!

Symphoria's "The Imperial March."

"Music can tell a story. That's the most important thing I wanted to tell you. We forget a little bit in our culture and think music is just entertainment, but music is more than that. Music can teach us things and tell us stories." — Symphoria Associate Conductor Christian Capocaccia. Capocaccia and the Symphoria orchestra did just that in two private 45-minute concerts at Westhill High School today, one for Cherry Road students and one for fifth and sixth grade OHMS students. The concerts were thanks to a grant written last year by Mr. McCrea and Mrs. Buell.The students were treated to a full line up of Super Hero music, seven songs in all, from Batman, Superman and Spiderman to Percy Jackson to the grand finale, "The Imperial March" from Star Wars.In between songs, Capocaccia engaged with the students about what makes a superhero, and how music can convey things like emotion, energy, power and nobility without words. He was impressed with the students' knowledge of both Super Heroes and mythology.Here's the full clip of "The Imperial March," the crowd favorite.Capocaccia reminded the students that Symphoria concerts are free of charge for children 18 and younger.

Posted by Westhill Central School District Educational Foundation on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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